Fun Fact: Polyethylene films have high levels of resistance to tearing and moisture. The raw materials and energy used in production along with the water consumption and the weight and space required in disposal sites are all lower for Poly films than for similar materials.


Our Services Include: Custom Packaging, Stock Packaging Supplies, Medical/PPE (Partners with Direct Distributors for Test Kits, Gloves, and other medical)

Custom Packaging

We provide custom size box options, custom packaging assistance, and more!

Brokering Services

Need help negotiating price? Are you trying to track down product or supplies at a low cost? Allow us to utilize our network and save you money by lowering your overall expenditures.


Using our extensive network, allow us to find you a buyer or supplier for Antigen Test Kits, Nitrile Gloves, Masks, and More.

Stock Packaging Supplies

Tape, Stretch Wrap, Film, Bags, Stock Corrugate Products, Pallets, and More!